A copywriter, journalist and editor
with particular expertise in recreational angling and fishing tackle retail, Steve has created engaging, evocative – occasionally even award-winning – copy for companies of (almost) every size and stripe; from the complex (IT, pharmaceuticals, legal and financial services) to the quotidian (food, logistics, travel and leisure).

Content Marketing

With a writing career spanning more than 25 years
Steve is committed to remaining two steps ahead of the 'content marketing curve' – combining proven marketing and communications principles with the very latest social media, search, digital print, email and analytics tools and techniques to drive more, and more profitable, revenues for his clients.


A strategic thinker and accomplished marketer
who cut his teeth in the direct mail trenches, Steve prides himself on his ability to translate intricate technical concepts into compelling marketing messages; and to use all the tools – from PPC, press ads and PR to viral, video and everything in-between – to achieve clients’ sales and growth goals.

Recent posts

  • Jungle warfare: gearing up for big carp in the snags
    There’s no escaping it: The Brickie has more than its share of snags. From Ironwood-tough Phragmites, vicious semi-submerged hawthorns and ropes of rapacious mussel-encrusted branches to dense weed beds, overhanging willows and even abandoned quarrying equipment (most notably, a quad conti sized digger bucket, several reels...
  • Sorry, guv; I don’t make the rules. Oh, hang on: actually I do. And here’s why…
    Last week my partner Carol received a message from an anonymous (colour me surprised) ‘correspondent’ berating us for the “extent and complexity” of our fishery rules. More specifically, s/he (could’ve been a woman; who knows?) observed, “You used to only have a few rules and now...
  • Eyes wide shut? Welcome aboard.
    Is anyone out there old enough to remember the kids’ Saturday morning TV ‘staple’ Going Live, which aired in the late 80s? If so, you’ll recall the show’s perennially popular presenters Trevor and Simon, whose alter egoes’ (the Draper Brothers’) fictional dry cleaning enterprise spawned the...

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